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Odoo Oxe360 Enterprise Edition

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Oxe360 Enterprise Edition

Compatible with Odoo Enterprise Edition and Odoo.sh


Odoo (previously Openerp) is a Apps Platform for Businesses that makes your collaborators happy. You can use it on your own servers, in the cloud or in the saas service. Odoo is also an open source business software, so it can be customized to cover any need of your company. Oxe360 is Odoo's #1 Partner in Peru and has a variety of adjustments that enrich Odoo's functionality. From electronic invoicing to tax returns, Oxe360 has the mission to cover any gap so that your company gets the most out of Odoo. 

Bug Fix

  • [FIX] Fixed Sales PLE date.

  • [FIX] Version update.

  • [FIX] Two-digit decimal correction.

  • [FIX] Correction in decimal two digits str.

  • [EMPODERA][v13] Corrections to the PLE of Sales and Purchases.

  • Resolve "[UPG] upgrade credit_payments module from v11 to v13".

  • Merge branch '3157-EMPODERA_Corrections_to_the_PLE_of_Sales_and_Purchases' into master.13.0'.

  • 3280-FIX-amount-detractions-in-currency-report-pdf-of-invoice.