Information Security Policy

OSSE 2020 

OSSE's main asset is the information on its clients' business transactions; With the support of senior management, the expertise of human talent and the appropriate technology, it is committed to implementing a culture of information security, continuous improvement that is sustainable over time, and continuously implementing controls and good practices aimed at to preserve the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information.

The OSSE for the fulfillment of its mission, vision, strategic objective and attached to its corporate values, establishes the Information Security function in the Entity, with the objective of:

  1. Minimize the risk in the most important and critical functions of the entity.
  2. Comply with the principles of information security.
  3. Comply with the principles of the administrative function.
  4. Maintain the trust of your customers, partners and employees.
  5. Support technological innovation.
  6. Implement the information security management system adjusted to the needs and size of the entity.
  7. Protect the technological assets of the company and its customers.
  8. Establish policies, procedures and instructions on information security.
  9. Strengthen the culture of information security in OSSE's employees, third parties, apprentices, interns and clients.
  10. Ensure business continuity against incidents.